Soft skills

My effort at writing poetry for a presentation at SISL, Kharghar.

Home to Rome:

Entered a life so new

Our Enthusiasm did brew

Of individuality we knew

But as team we grew.

Complete Business Communication:

Unprepared we came,

Unleashed our talents,

Unbraided our mayhem,

And acquired an enlightenment.

College To Corporate:

Bent upon ways to solving problems,

Learnt a way to welcome problems

Of a road that seemed obscuring

With an action plan became inviting.

Social & Business Etiquette:

A stone which seemed rugged

Turned to gem carved & polished.

Time Management:

Time that whizzed past us

Made our days disastrous

Now with a ‘Do It’ plan

Makes Self Management a Boon.

Creativity & Innovation:

Imagination Breeds Creativity,

Action breeds Innovation

With a spur of energy

Leads to ultimate fascination.


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