It Happened To Me……………

Well i would like to share interesting scenes of my life till date……….and the protagonist of all the scenes is …………well let me start with my first scene……

I was probably three or four years old when this happened….my sister was learning cycle in summer vacations , i remember it was a brand new BSA SLR bicycle colored maroon i guess and my dad used to take her to a nearby playground for her to practice, well on one of the very fortunate days dad took me along and he made sit as a pillion on the bicycle and he was helping my sister to balance the cycle and she was managing the bicycle pretty well and she gained speed obviously because my dad started running along with her and she was cycling away to glory and lo behold my left foot got stuck in the spokes of the rear wheel , i really don’t remember what i was doing and my dad realized after 5 minutes or so…… then the skin of my left foot near the ankle was scraped off and blood was oozing out. I remember dad carrying me and taking me to the hospital ……….thats all i remember.

Hmmm my second endeavour is pretty scary ……….

This happened when i was six or seven years old……On one fine day i set out with my dad and uncle in the car and my dad and uncle got out of the car to wait for……..i don’t remember and they were standing on the pavement and i was left all alone in the car , well the music in the car was really irritating me and i wanted to switch it off. I called out to my uncle and he instructed me to turn the key towards myself hmmmmmmmmm a hard instruction to be followed !!!!!!! I wonder If i was deaf? or immature? or sheer careless? because i started the engine (turned the key opposite to my side)and ………..what do you expect ?……………accident , lives lost , me ………… !!!!!!!!! Well as soon as it started it started bumping up and down and my uncle came rushing down to my side to turn off the engine and he succeeded , well i was relieved but just a few seconds back i was dumbstruck , shocked to the core!!!!!!!! I didnt know what to do? I thought i will go dashing everybody on the road left and right!!!!!!!!! Well lucky me the parking brake was engaged if not there would have been some unforeseen circumstances. I still remember that day and thats the first thing that comes to my mind when i see or think about cars.

Moving onto my third funny experience…….

I had gone shopping with my sister to Jayanagar , the place which i detest when i am driving because i don’t remember the one-ways and the place seems sort of confusing to me all the time. Well we were done with our shopping and i went to take my kinetic honda out of the parking area amd my sister was paying the parking fee. I started the engine and then i heard my sister’ voice behind me , so i started moving , wondering which way to take to reach home and i had gone some 2kms away suddenly i sensed the pillion seat to be empty…….the first thought that crossed my mind was that my sister had fallen off the bike……then i started racking my brains , by then my sister called on my cellphone, she started to blast me , well actually she was laughing away to glory……..she had actually paid the parking fee and she was talking to the security guard and i had thought she was talking to me and i vroomed the bike thinking she was sitting behind me, funny me…… Well i had no idea how to go back to my sister because of the place …….i already told you….and again my sister started blasting away to glory……..and then i somehow managed to reach her and then she did certainly hop on to the back of the bike well it was a bad day after all….but funny too. My sister still reminds me about the incident and giggles away!!!!!!!

Well you must have guessed the protagonist…….vehicles , be it a cycle,car , bike ….and me being the antagonist.


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