Lost At Sea

It was the beginning of a new year , i was excited to face it ,embrace it …………… but my excitement did falter.

I was on a ship which would set sail to the destination i presumed. Was trying to feel at home when all of a sudden there was a storm so fierce that put me out into the cold sea . I had a life jacket and thought i would make it to the shore but it tore away adding to my woes.

I was lost,confused,perturbed as to which direction would take me to the shore .During the day i could see land far off where i wouldnt belong so i never felt to make an attempt . During the night there always used to be a star(my angel) shining high up in the sky , it gave me hope , hope that i was still alive ……….

Some days i could see many islands and i wondered whether they could be the land of my dreams , i did venture into a couple of the islands but i had to return , it was not for me to rest before i had some promises to keep .

There were days when i felt depressed and i sunk into the feeling. I turned out to be a maniac that i started enjoying the feeling , i wanted to experience this phase , i was drowned in it , i loved the silence , i loved the feeling of being alone at sea .

For days together i was lost and one fine day , i saw the light house nearby . I was delighted on seeing it , swam till i reached the shore. Before i could rest i saw a ship nearby ready to leave , well i did take the decision to climb onto it and face the seas for it wasn’t the end but just the beginning of a journey to reach my destination.