Writing 101- Day 3 Commit to a Writing Practice



Well I love many songs but just coming up with 3 lovable songs is very very difficult……

Nevertheless, I am just putting in 3 songs which have struck my mind at the present.

1. Nahin samne tu- Music by AR Rehman, I just love the song purely for the music and it symbolizes the pain of a lover who is away from his partner. But the lyrics and the song make it all the more pure , yes that is what it is , the song just brings out the purity of LOVE.

2. When you say nothing at all- Ronan Keating, I came across this song in the movie Notting Hill, I just loved the song for its simplicity, music and of course the lyrics. It is a song close to my heart. 😉

3.  Divenire-Ludovico , I came across this masterpiece just today and I just fell in love with this piece. It struck me right at my heart …. it was just magic and hope all around and I just felt alive! It is  a wonderful , brilliant piece by the musician. It brought in glimpses of my life ……. it was as if my story told through the song and I was the protagonist………… Just LOVED IT!

Well here goes the 3 lovely songs I have picked at the moment……


Say what you feel like saying.....

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