Writing 101 -Day 5 Be Brief



Dear Rose,

“Love is when I feel you,

Love is when I hear your voice,

Love is when I see you across the path,

Love is when you are there in my every breath!


My heart skipped a beat reading this note which was by the bench in the park. I looked around but there was not a soul around. But there was an old woman standing by the bridge. I went up to her and asked whether she had seen anyone by the bench. She denied seeing anyone and her eyes caught sight of the note I had in my hands. She immediately snatched it, before I could ask her anything, her eyes welled up with tears.

I gave her a moment to collect herself and then she thanked me for the note.

She said that this was the last note from her husband Martin before he passed away yesterday. She also mentioned that he was suffering from dementia. He used to write notes to his lover everyday and leave it on the bench with the hope that his lover may come by as that was there meeting spot.

It started raining and the lady left and there was a woman in white who came up to her with an umbrella and said

” He will always love you, Rose!”


Say what you feel like saying.....

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