Writing 101- Day 12 Dark Clouds on the(Virtual) Horizon



It was the mark of a lifelong friendship, little did any one of us realize it then. All it seemed was just becoming friends and be gung-ho about having a friend in the class.

The holidays had just ended and I had to start school. I had the butterflies in my stomach, it was going to be yet another year and I was starting off my third grade.

The first day of school was all about going to a new classroom, asking each other about the places they had been to, who would be the new teachers and new students joining in.

We had all settled down when the first class commenced with English/Math, I don’t remember much now. After about 15mins or so we had a group of 4-5 of them coming inside our classroom. They were the newbies! The day passed on with our introduction to the teachers and the subjects.

The next day I was sitting all alone when,

” Can I sit here?” one of the new girls asked me.

I quipped:”Yes, sure”

After about 10mins of silence, she asks ” Will you be my friend?”

Then the teacher walks in and we all stand to greet her.

It was as though I could not hear the question she asked or I was just too shy to answer.

12 Years passed by and one fine day, I tell Su that ….. “Yes.. Yes I want to be your friend for all the years we have in this world” . That’s when we have a good laugh about the old times, her question and me not answering it for whatever reasons.

Su and I have been friends to this day and have been the best of friends since the 8th grade.

This is one of the best conversations I have had and it is surely the one closest to my heart!




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