Writing 101 – Day 15 Your Voice Will Find You



My heart was thumping. I wanted to start in a jiffy. I so wanted to complete it. I heard the firing shot. And off I ran along with other runners.

I had been preparing for this day for a month now. It was the TCS World Open 10k Marathon in Bangalore. And I was excited as usual because I love marathons. Along with the sense of achievement, it brings in an amazing feeling of exuberance, strength, will power to the fore.

So, I ran with all my might,  the crowd which had gathered were cheering all us runners. I could hear some music bands playing rocking songs which increased our enthusiasm. After about 3.5kms I was a little exhausted, I was running slowly but held on to a good pace. I think the people around, their enthusiasm, their cheer gets you going the extra mile when you feel that it can’t be done any more. I did carry on with the run and it was an amazing sunny day with the weather being cool because of the showers the previous night. After about 1hr 20mins I had completed the run, took quite a bit of time but the feeling of completing the run made it one of my achievements.

Well I cannot imagine the event being stalled. It is this event over the past few years that brings in people from all walks of life to participate, enjoy and also contribute to charitable organizations. The  fervor of the city is to the max on the event day, youngsters who want to achieve something, aficionados who want to break records, old people who want to experience and still want to know if they still have the strength to go the extra mile, people who just want to have fun and of course the crowd gathered to cheer on their friends, family members. Last but not the least cheering the runners from all over the world to give in their best!

I would not be able to fathom the reasons if the event is cancelled and I sure hope it is not ever.



2 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Day 15 Your Voice Will Find You

  1. I really liked this piece of writing. I can understand the atmosphere you have described, as my parents are marathon runners so it was interesting to see another person’s perspective. When I read the prompt for today I immediately thought of my parent’s reaction to a major race being shut down and their horror. So I can relate to your thoughts and this is a good piece.

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