Writing 101- Day 8- Death to Adverbs



I left my house at 6:10 this morning. I walked for about 5mins before I reached the crowded park. I promised myself that I have to complete 25 rounds today.

It has been a couple of weeks now and I follow the same routine every morning. A lady in pink pullover walks past me.  She strides ahead and I tend to keep pace with her. Another man brushes my arm and moves ahead jogging. He is one of the middle-aged men who jogs. He is always in his quintessential checkered shorts and yellow t-shirt. I can now see a fleet of birds flying across the sky chirping all the way. It is a wonderful sight.

I move a little further and I meet a group of men and women in pairs of two talking to each other and walking along. I squeeze myself into the space between them and I march ahead. Phew that’s such a relief and then I continue my invigorating walk. I finally complete my 25 rounds.

I then sat on one of the benches ahead across the side of the pathway. I see the sun rising in all its glory. It is beautiful. The sky changed from greyish to yellow-orange and the flowers and trees were now lit brightly from the rays of the sun. The rays of the sun fell on my face and I basked in it for sometime before I got on the move back home.


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