Day 16 – Third Time’s the Charm



Just the other day, I came upon a Video prepared from my friend. The video was filled with memories of my first job. The fun, work, outings all- these memories were put across in this wonderful video.

It took me back to Kharghar, Navi Mumbai where I started my first job as an Engineer. We had 3 months of initial training. That was the time when I met a lot of people and made lifelong friends.

One thing that is still vivid in my mind is one of the training sessions we attended. The session was so close to my heart because it brought us so close to reality, life, human relationships, value of family. One of my colleagues spoke about his family, his father especially and it was touching and emotional that some of us had teary eyes by the end of the session. That day, those moments brought all of us close together and made us all realize the value of life and relationships we make along.

I still think of this session whenever I am down and am pondering on the way of life.

But one thing I have truly lost are my friends that I made along then. I am in touch with some of them but many wonderful people I met along have gone far away and I have no idea what they are doing now.

I hope we all get together some day and laugh on all the fun we had at Kharghar.



One thought on “Day 16 – Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Hi!! Shwetha!!!!
    Seeing to your archives I think you rarely find time for your blog. I suppose you were dreaming weird imaginations of course the pretty ones as you say.
    In your above Post ‘ Third Time’s The Charm’ you talk of meeting wonderful people and parting your ways with them. Well this is life and you are bound to meet and part, the process goes on, we have to take it very lightly and enjoy the present moments.
    Life ahead has kept a lot for you to enjoy and experience. Go ahead RUN,JUMP, see that you will not FALL.
    Thumbs Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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