Renaissance of Life?

Let’s give a thought about the time we spend with ourselves: probably going out for a stroll, reading a book under a tree, watching the sun rise or set, watching a star studded sky, sitting by the window as it rains, listening to the rustle of the wind or the leaves on a windy day, listening to the birds cooing in the morning hours, watching strangers across the street going about their job, taking a walk across the city/town/park, playing with your pets, dancing to yourself, singing/humming just about anything, sewing a sweater/socks, baking just about the perfect cake, cooking one of your favorite dishes, playing with kids/your children in the park, walking by an old road, walking by the school/college you went to, painting just about anything with your heart out , going fishing, strolling across the stream, climbing up a hill to get a view, seeing old pictures with your siblings, playing/talking with your parents about the good old times, walking on the sands by the beach, cycling up to the road far ahead, walking on grass amongst flowers and butterflies, helping a stranger in an unexpected situation, talking to your soul-mate about life and dreams.

Hmmm seems like we may do a thing or two, maybe even five of the things stated above. But do we consider them as important as working on a presentation, working on a project, working on targets at work, the innumerable deadlines and targets.

Life as such has become an appalling routine, with the never-ending rat races, materialistic cravings, success being defined by the wealth and position you acquire or simply by the fact that you have it all.

Over the years, life has become a satire comic. You are born, you study, you get a job, you get married, have children, raise them up, take care of them and also your career and health, retire and then enjoy your time with grandchildren. And then whoosh you are gone!

Have we all forgotten what life is about? Do we think life is just about the above few lines? I agree that they are important but it is not LIFE, it is a part of LIFE.

I am not a scholar or an expert on life. But I just feel life is much more and the beauty lies in understanding it.

I have still not fathomed as to what life is…… I always feel lost.

But I feel that we are not bothered about understanding oneself, listening to our hearts, cherishing small moments with family  and friends. I have so learnt that happiness can be found in little things. And it is within you.

So go on ……. think, feel, live, love….. for life is much more and make your OWN LIFE.




2 thoughts on “Renaissance of Life?

  1. Suhas V Aryan

    Simple and straight. Read somewhere – “Life happens when you are busy planning it”. Whoosh the moment is gone. So grab it when you still have it, Live.. Celebrate Life… 🙂 Beautiful article.

    Liked by 1 person

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