Going Nowhere….

I always hear people say….. “So, make up your mind, have a plan and go reach for it.” “You should have a goal in life……. ambition is important.” “So you are a graduate now….. have you got a job?” I was always stumped when people asked me…. “what are you going to be when you grow up?”……. My answer always varied and was never a whole hearted answer. Over the years, I have not had the profession which I dreamt of as a kid. I have no regrets because I have learnt from the situations that came my way and the learning that I received was immense. Fortunately, the ideology of “Going Nowhere” has hit me. Come to think of it, its brilliant. Let me explain….. Haven’t we always had goals right from when we were kids…. Go to school, go to college, get a job, get a house, get a car, become the manager, CEO….. The list never ends…….. and we always had the drive to go or reach ‘Somewhere.’ Lately, I have come to realize that ‘Going Nowhere’ is so blissful. Having no goals for anything, be it professional milestones or materialistic cravings, life seems to be utterly brilliant. It is a feeling of being one with yourself, attaining that inner peace. Just introspecting, living in the moment…… gives you the peace which I cannot fathom……it is pure….. it’s a place void of negativity….. you just feel one with yourself and happiness is within yourself! Have you ever felt that? If going somewhere teaches you certain things…..’Going Nowhere’ aces that…… it is an experience that brings out the best in you, helps you understand a thing or two about yourself and life in altogether a different perspective. Its beautiful….. it makes you take on things with all your heart and that’s when life seems meaningful….. Too much to take in? Well, food for thought….. The below article inspired me to write this post…. Happy reading! http://ideas.ted.com/want-to-be-happy-slow-down/


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