So back to the old routine….. New?

Back to my routine after a month of an adventurous trip and a month of recouping…..

I tried to sleep early the previous night so that I could get up and go for a walk in the park.

And yes I was up and walking out of the door in no time.

I felt a sense of excitement and happy that I was reconnecting with my set of morning people and my set of things along the way as always.

There were many changes on my way to the park. Firstly, the building which was being constructed right from the foundation, is now all the way done till the first floor.  The ferocious barking dog which used to stare at me while I crossed the road, was now sleeping under a car to avoid the bitter morning cold of November. The park seemed to be all the more crowded but I found my set of people.

The people whom I have never had a conversation with but who are regular joggers in the park who come around the same time as me are ‘my set of people’.

Today I could see just two of my people, the healthy lady with big green headphones and the man who tries to outrun me when I jog. With the ‘Titanium song’ blasting in my ears, I tried to stay ahead of him. I chuckled, at the thought of me winning the race against him.

Well, I headed back home by a different route and as I turned round the corner I could smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Though I am not a coffee person, I was very much taken in by the thought of having coffee!

With James Blunt singing ‘You are beautiful’, I swayed a bit on the road and put on  an upright stride with my head held high and walked as if the path was just laden for me! I later reached home and went about with Yoga.

So after two months, I see many things which have changed and I too have changed hopefully for the better. Maybe I should call it the new routine!

Hope this day turns out to be even more wonderful!


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