A romantic story which wakes me up in the morning!

A princess by name Parijataka was ardently in love with the Sun and tried to woo him. But when the Sun rejected her, the princess took her life and a tree sprung from her ashes. As she could not bear the sight of her estranged lover, the tree flowered only at night and shed flowers before the sun rose. The same continues even to this day!

Parijata or Coral Jasmine or Night Jasmine is a beautiful, fragrant flower with white petals and orange stalk. It flowers in the night and sheds the white little flowers before the sun rises. They are claimed to have medicinal properties.

In India, they are found in the Himalayan region, Assam, Bengal, Tripura, Godavari region in the South. They are also found in Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand and Indonesia.


PC: Google Images

There is another myth which says Lord Krishna brought the tree from the Indralok after his wives(Satyabhama & Rukmini) quarrelled over the Parijata flowers. So after winning the war with Lord Indra, he placed the tree in Satyabhama’s courtyard such that when it flowered, the flowers fell in Rukmini’s courtyard. The flowers also symbolize the arrival of Goddess Durga.

Well thanks to the romantic story 😉 , I have to wake up early in the morning, to pick up these flowers strewn on the road outside my house so that they don’t get spoilt or run over by vehicles.

But at the sight of a white carpet of little flowers and the fragrance lingering around the tree, ushers the dawn of a beautiful day!




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