“Each time I follow my deepest soul desires, fear is there wringing her hands, cautioning me with her litanies of what-ifs. I do not try to counter with my reasonable arguments about acceptable risks. I no longer try to shame myself into action with admonishments to stop being a wimp nor do I pretend to be unafraid. I simply move in the direction I have chosen to go, taking care to do the things I know will help me, keeping the fear at a level where I can continue to feel it and still keep moving. I put myself to bed early, eat well, sit with friends, talk long walks by the lake. I have learned that doing things the hardest way provides no currency to be traded for greater future rewards.”- Oriah Mountain Dreamer

So here is to the New Year, a New Start……

I know not where I am going

I know not how I am going to fare

I know not if the goal I have is The goal

I know not if I will be swept off the road

I know not if I will have the strength to move on

I know not if I will be hurt

All I know is I will be happy, satisfied, intrigued to tread on the road

Because all I have is hope, faith and wonder in my heart to unravel thy self and the world.



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