A Gorgeous Retreat…





I found this today in my photo archive. It is a sunset of everyday… But what makes it beautiful?

It is a blissful event

It is the showstopper of the day

It is the culmination of a wonderful busy day

It calls on to the dusk

It calls on to every being to retire to their homes

It puts on a show to one side of the world….Be it the brilliant vivid shades of orange, yellow, red and the mesmerising golden glint and hues as if it were calling you to the other side of the world this instant..

It feels like it wants to make a flaring remark upon the world before it brightens the other side of the world…

The last rays glistening on the waves, the sand, the tree tops, the snow clad mountains, the valleys, the rivers….. It sure does leave a mark of life and warmth!

Lastly, the last glint of sunshine miraculously waving a good-bye as well as ushering the beauty of the night…



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