The World We Need!


I was honoured to be a part of a seminar “The World We Need”, thanks to Mr. E.P. Menon.

It was addressed by Dr. Glen T. Martin, the President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association(WCPA), founded in 1958. Dr. Martin is a professor, philosopher and a social activist. WCPA is a body which has been working on the ‘Constitution for the Federation of the Earth’ looking into the dynamics of the world as one and working towards a democratic world government without discrimination of nation, race, creed, ideologies, cultures and work as citizens of the world sharing equitable and basic human rights.

The Fourteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament was held in Kolkata in December 27-29 2015 which was hosted by the International Society for Intercultural Study and Research(ISISAR)

Dr. Martin highlighted upon the 17 goals formulated by the UN as part of the Sustainable Development Summit to be achieved by 2030. He also threw light upon the fact that the goals did not include peace of the world(which meant war and militarism to be ended), increasing the quality of life and of course curbed the idea of perpetual growth in a finite world.

The WCPA has come up World Legislative act for integrating UN into the Earth Federation- CAn be viewed on

He later discussed upon the materialistic greed, the global ecosystem and capitalism over the years and how suddenly we have forgotten ‘Humanity’ and are in war with ourselves to gain, power, resources etc.

The nuclear treaties still being signed between nations, a militant killing his own mother, exploiting resources in the name of development, killing people in the name of religion, inequalities across the world, trillions of dollars used for military warfare and not having an ounce of thought that this money could be used for educating millions of people, ending poverty across the world- I think we have seen the worst.

He also mentioned about the Structure of the World Parliament and where the experts in various fields would be at the fore and protect the natural environment against war, ecological disruption, inequalities etc.


It is a start to the future of the Earth that we humans would share. It is a tough challenge to break against the Corruption and numerous ideologies of the people around the world but we all did agree upon the fact that this would be the forerunner once people are aware that a change can be brought about by the citizens of the world. Working towards a fair and equitable world, bringing sustainable development of the environment, increasing the quality of life, reducing poverty and educating the masses, ending wars and militarism and each and every citizen being responsible for the EARTH they live in is the way forward.

The new religion should be ‘Humanity’!

You can find details and information about the World Parliament on:


Is it going to be the way forward? Are we going to make the change? Are we world citizens and ready to save our Earth?


2 thoughts on “The World We Need!

  1. Prathyusha

    Wow! That was definitely a very heavy workshop 🙂 It is assuring to see a few groups at least with hope for future and work constructively for greater good. A nice capture again 🙂

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