Rains…Plitter Platter

I love the rains!

It ushers fondly memories, nostalgic moments.

I remember the time when I was 10yrs old. The monsoons had begun and I was always excited when the rain god decided that we get a shower or maybe a heavy downpour.

It was one such day, when my classroom turned  gloomy and it was a heavy downpour. It was time for the school to get over and my classmates and me were all set to head out. It was drizzling now but there were dark clouds in the sky.

As I looked for my Mother, she was there standing by the tree with a pink umbrella but she was all drenched.

I ran out to her as I always did, she greeted me with a smile and asked, “How was your day?”

I said it was good.

I then enjoyed our walk back home, it had stopped raining…..

I got out of my uniform and freshened myself and could smell pakodas! There I whizzed past the hall and then dashed to the kitchen and mother gave me a plate of pakodas. I had just begun chomping when my elder sisters arrived too after school.

I just watched the rains, as the corpulent rain drops clattered against the window panes with the thunder bellowing above.

I could see the road had turned into a stream and it was washing away all the dried fronds.

The people staggered on the road, swaying and holding onto their umbrellas against the mighty wind and rain.

The trees held on to their roots but rocked to the gusty wind.

There was an air of indolence at home. Everyone gathered and ate pakodas and listened to the rain which was pretentious against the window panes.

The rains bring on an ambience of nostalgia, freshness in the things around, the gloominess yet being pleasant and brings on an abrupt stop of the busy world, much to the likes of a Pluviophile.


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