Endless multiple journeys

I have always been a voracious reader and if I had to be alone at home or wait for someone or something , all I would want is a book; I wouldn’t bother as to why I am here all alone or even remember if I had some work to do.

I have adored books since I was a kid, be it the texture of the paper, the words which dance playfully along with you, the smell of paper, ink which puts you in a different place altogether and the feeling that you are in a world-living multiple lives, living a dream, being a part of so many vivid stories and yet not moving an inch from your place. Hail Imagination!

The power of the word is truly enthralling….. It makes one jump with excitement or quiver with fear or stride along like a gallant warrior or wince at the appalling situation or cry when everything seems lost or love like there is no end to the moment or travel with an eye for adventure to the remote corners of the world or live a free-spirited life much to the annoyance of the society!

It always feel like I have been on many journeys across eras and learned from all of them the beauty of life.

I somehow feel we are what we read and imbibe and that gets played out in our characters with all the right intentions!

I am sure one is never tired of such endless journeys!


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