It is a challenge to move from a Book to a Kindle.

I love the touch of the paper between my fingers, the smell of the book be it from the library or a new one from the store or from a bookshelf at home; they have their own story, the pleasure to turn a page physically and the usage of colourful bookmarks to mark your pit-stop, to keep some nice memorable things in between the pages…… aaahhhhh I want read a book right away!

Now the kindle; portable with thousands of books at your finger-tips, the ease of carrying it anywhere, reading under the sun or moon at any place, downloading a book then and there, reading in your favourite font and size, carrying along thousands of stories in just about 200g and 6″ gear, makes it the perfect one.

Yet a book is a book…….. it has its own beauty, magic galore and will always be the enigmatic choice. How many of you agree?

Say what you feel like saying.....

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