Tanglang La

As our car meandered through the high mountain passes of Himalayas we(group of six) were exhausted and tired. The last of the passes before reaching the city of Leh from Manali was the pass- Tanglang La at an altitude of 17582 feet. It was around 3 or 4pm when we reached the pass. It was very cold, the place was deserted. The air was still. The snow-clad mountain peaks, around the pass glistened with glory. The rays of the sun were strong and harsh. As I got out of the car, I was shivering. My heart was pounding fast and was wanting a strong dose of oxygen. I made my way to the prayer flags marking the mountain pass and didn’t utter a word to my fellow travellers. We clicked a few photos and were back to the car within three minutes! It was a splendid sight and a hurried meet with the pass!

We cheered later on and were happy that we made it through all the passes from Manali-Leh!



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