Well both are the same! Ain’t it?

You certainly live once and die once…. Why is it that we do not take this to heart?

I have always pondered that everything out here is once in a lifetime opportunity and shouldn’t we be grateful for all the things that this world offers. We are so zombied with the mundane things of a boring job, materialistic cravings, unnecessary dramas that we tend to forget the beauty of life, the miracle called LIFE!

Strange… we want happiness, peace but why do we still work on things that we don’t cherish.


PC: Pinterest

It would be sheer awesome if you on the other hand is enjoying life to the fullest and working on things that make your soul happy…… Well you would be the person who truly understands YOLO or YODO! Cheers!

So how many of you out there, ring in with YOLO?


Say what you feel like saying.....

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