What would you do?

If you had just one day, one month or one year to live what would you do?

I have asked this question to myself a lot lately. The answer which I get back has kept me going the past year and still does.


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It’s all but one simple question which has all the answers; but then it is all lost in the midst of gathering courage to DO it!

Would you have the best dinner with your family? Would you travel the world or the one place which you call home? Would you go to the beach or the mountain to find your mojo? Would you write a letter to the people who matter to you the most? Would you have an intelligent conversation with the people that matter to you or who get you? Would you just buy a ticket to anywhere and just go on a blind vacation? Would you ride/drive to no particular destination until you find yourself? Would you learn to garden or play a guitar? Would you take long walks in the park? Would you get a pet dog/ pet anything? Would you thank the people that have made the best of you in this life? Would you sing or dance in the rain? Would you get on stage and do what you always wanted to do; be it sing, dance, speak?  Would you love life with all your heart and believe in the miracle called LIFE?

What would you do? Let’s see if you will do the above or something else altogether? I am all ears..



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