Obligation & Inspiration

Two heavy Icons! Always taking chances to overpower the other.

I have been torn between the two.

Obligation! Well it is one’s moral imperative to choose this, ain’t it?  Get on with the duty and stride ahead with the responsibilities. Everyone has responsibilities and the way to a successful and secure life is to abide them. There isn’t any doubt about that right!

Inspiration on the other hand! Hmm well it is inspiration- the feeling one gets to do something amazingly wonderful by putting your heart and soul into it. You create a thing with your imagination, ingenuity and intuition. It feels that you are at the behest of passion enraptured with inner peace.

Can they both walk the same path? I leave it to you to figure out the answer.

Well I have been bogged by it, trying to work a middle path. But my heart wants to follow Inspiration although my mind is impressed by Obligation.

It is hard to make a decision but I think I have, for I have realized a lot many things with my heart than my mind!

Have you been at this crossroad? Is yes, whom did you choose?


PC: Pinterest


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