A Stranger’s Concern

I had been wanting to write about this incident since a long time…. Well here it is finally!

It so happened that a stranger asked my mom- “How is your daughter? Is everything all right? I have not seen her since a couple of months.”

My mom was bewildered and said, “Well, she is fine! Why do you ask?”

I used to see her everyday on her way to work probably. But I have not seen her since the past couple of months. So, I wanted to check if she was alright.

My mom narrated this incident to me. I had no clue about this stranger. But , mom had happened to see this man during the morning walks near our place.

But after a few months, when mom and me were shopping for fruits, this man pops up.

He was probably in his seventies, bald, stout yet healthy. He looked stern but he had a very friendly smile.

“Here you are! I was asking your mother as to how you were doing?”

I was lost and was scratching my head to figure out if this was some relative of mine whom I don’t remember!

My mother looks at me and says, “This is the person who was asking about you.”

“Ohh. Hello Uncle!” I mutter.

“How are you?”

“I am fine. All good. ” I say.

“I used to see you on your way to work in the early morning. Don’t you remember me? I live at the house right opposite the road, a couple of roads away from your place.”

“Hmm!” I shake my head indicating that I don’t have a clue.

We just smiled at each other. I didn’t know what to say to him. But I was touched.

Isn’t it such a lovely feeling, when you are a part of a stranger’s life unknowingly?  To top it all, they care for you when they need not have to!

How amazing! How beautiful! Wow, isn’t this is the purest form of humanity?






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