Is Integrity ‘Underrated’ more so in a start-up?

Is integrity an underrated attribute?


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Integrity(noun); is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

I feel it should be one of the attributes of utmost importance in any workplace, business, startup etc. Integrity should be practised by one and all, it doesn’t matter if you are a leader or an employer or an employee or a clerk.

Workplace integrity does go a long way in enhancing the company’s culture by building trust amongst the employers, team members and clients.


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Being honest fosters trust and open communication. Be it voicing out one’s opinion when things go wrong or informing the company policies, updates and changes by the relevant stakeholder does pave for an healthy relationship between the members in the workplace. Many of the brilliant solutions and work can be brought about by a trustworthy team.

Confidentiality is another important factor related to integrity. Safeguarding the client’s data, property is mandatory for any organisations’ success and longevity with the clients. Also, respecting and keeping confidential the employee related concerns and issues by relevant stakeholders is a must.

Ethics, right professional attitude is a must in any workplace. Be it the CEO or the clerk, right attitude nurtures empathy, compassion and accountability. Standing by what you say and bringing it to reality by your actions calls for one’s respect and trust.

Honesty, Confidentiality, Ethics, Professional Attitude go a long way in workplace integrity. Without which any organisation would fail.


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With the advent of many start-ups in the recent years, is integrity lacking? Be it focusing on the aspects of business, product release, time factor – is Integrity of any importance?

With everything in the nascent stage, a start-up can easily make or break the relationship with the employees and the clients. A right, dependable, healthy culture is of great importance right from the start. Again, be it a CEO or a clerk integrity applies to each and everyone.

Are start-ups neglecting the aspect of integrity or are they very much concerned on that factor or is integrity underrated in a start-up’ workplace?

What do you think?


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