Happiness of Cycling again!

Aha…. Almost 15 years since I rode a bicycle aka bike.

I couldn’t say ‘No’ to my nephew when he wanted me to accompany him for biking. So, I took to the pedal.

I thought I would lose balance, fall, scrap my elbow and knee…… But it turned out that I still had the knack of cycling.


PC: Pinterest

I grinned at my nephew and we both took to the road.

The joy; the muscles wondering ‘Whoa we are in for a long ride!’, the shoulders flexing themselves to give it their best, the feet holding up and moving swiftly to get ahead, the hands balancing to keep the machine running, the face thrilled with the gush of air against it, the head aiming for a wonderful ride, the soul happy to be flying again!

Well, got to go cycling…. See ye



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