Throwback Thursday! Abode of Stalwarts!

Books…. my eternal love!


You are in for confusion when you are in the presence of books. That is how I see it. Just as I walked to the Community Library Center today, my heart started racing. My eyes looked about the book shelves with admiration and love. I was certainly in a limbo with John Grisham and Agatha Christie calling me to break my head over a crime and delve in the intricacies of the crime played out; Nicholas Sparks and Nora Roberts cooing on to be a part of the romantic odyssey; Ayn Rand always calling on to my heart, to admire the objectivity of life; whole section of Classics wooing me to jump aboard the adventure ship of sheer loyalty, pure love and brilliance; then there is Ruskin Bond who entraps me for a moment in the ecstasy of the mountains; R K Narayan and Rabindranath Tagore calling to tell me…

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