Throwback Thursday! You know you are in love……

Awwww…. Love!


When it always plays on your mind

When you hope to meet now and often and forever!

When you can’t think of anything else apart from the one

When your soul is craving for a sight of your love

When your soul lights up and smiles when your love is out there standing tall, ready to grasp you in the entirety of a life you are hoping for…

When all you can dream about is your love

When your love changes you for the better, it is magic

When a breath of life portrays the importance of love……


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PS: I was talking about the mountains….. what were you thinking of? 😀

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Babble of a Battered Soul

Babble of a Battered Soul


I want to stand in the midst of the world

As a citizen of this profound entity

Sans fear Sans religion Sans nation

Sans dependence Sans caste Sans culture

Sans borders Sans militarism Sans power

With Humanity as the lone religion.

I cry, for the world is no more a boon to human race

But a bane with exploitations riding high

Bedraggled with insouciant people of Earth

Enraptured by power, riches & materialism

Where love, respect, honour, humility

Are to be lost in the ideologies

Power, Politics, Egotistical manoeuvres

Steer the course of a mechanical life

For the pawns are removed in the name of religion, wars

So that the elite few have a luxurious world laid out at their feet

As I stand upon the gigantic mountains

I see a world of beauty, of life, of humility, of love

Where no borders, no language, no culture exist

All that…

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Yes I flew!

As I was at the edge of the door of a plane, my heart missed a beat. Before I could actually step back and muster my courage, I was moved ahead into space. Gravity, Sky, Earth and the little me rushed. I took of a few seconds to figure out the space around. And then it was pure free fall. I could not hear the tandem instructor but he had given me the necessary instructions a few minutes back.

I jumped off that plane. PC:

“You may find it scary but give into the adventure, I will take care of you!” Dan said this as he tapped my shoulders just before we made the jump.

The free fall was crazy, scary but it was awesome. The adrenaline rush, the speed, the view around was just brilliant. I gave into the adventure. It was mad rush to the ground from 12000 feet.

I am flying! PC:

“So how many times have you skydived, Dan?

“This is my second.”

I stared at him.

“Well second for the day,” he giggled. “How many times would make you feel better?”

“I mean from when did you start skydiving?”

“Oh well, I have skydived like 9000 times.”

“Wow!” I was amazed. “I am sure you won’t be bored at your job?”

“Never! And we keep travelling all over the world to demonstrate skydiving. So I enjoy it a lot.”

Coming to the free fall, I was enjoying the moment, posing for the photographer ahead 😉

It was overwhelming and splendid.

Just as we reached 5000 feet, Dan signalled and opened the parachute. And we floated up a bit. I was relieved that it opened.

After that we glided around and the moment was perfect. Dan handed over the controls to me and I swayed a bit. There was utter silence, I could see the horizon, the trees, land below and a couple of lakes. The sky was azure blue and the sun shining brightly at us.

Here we come. PC:

Dan took over the controls and spinned around. And then he glided towards the landing area.

Well it was a perfect landing. I was super elated and excited about the entire experience. Thanked Dan and team for the wonderful experience.

I have always envied the birds for they can fly anywhere they want with no passport, no visas and no hassles of travel. Well, they can experience the freedom and cherish the flight whenever they want. They always get to enjoy nature; the rivers, the oceans, the mountains, the sky, the sunrises, sunsets and many things more.

Well I SKYDIVED and got to fly at least for a few seconds. I am glad I survived it too 😉

You can check out my video at : My skydiving video



Throwback Thursday! Going Nowhere….

Going Nowhere!


I always hear people say….. “So, make up your mind, have a plan and go reach for it.” “You should have a goal in life……. ambition is important.” “So you are a graduate now….. have you got a job?” I was always stumped when people asked me…. “what are you going to be when you grow up?”……. My answer always varied and was never a whole hearted answer. Over the years, I have not had the profession which I dreamt of as a kid. I have no regrets because I have learnt from the situations that came my way and the learning that I received was immense. Fortunately, the ideology of “Going Nowhere” has hit me. Come to think of it, its brilliant. Let me explain….. Haven’t we always had goals right from when we were kids…. Go to school, go to college, get a job, get a house, get a car, become…

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