Babble of a Battered Soul

Babble of a Battered Soul


I want to stand in the midst of the world

As a citizen of this profound entity

Sans fear Sans religion Sans nation

Sans dependence Sans caste Sans culture

Sans borders Sans militarism Sans power

With Humanity as the lone religion.

I cry, for the world is no more a boon to human race

But a bane with exploitations riding high

Bedraggled with insouciant people of Earth

Enraptured by power, riches & materialism

Where love, respect, honour, humility

Are to be lost in the ideologies

Power, Politics, Egotistical manoeuvres

Steer the course of a mechanical life

For the pawns are removed in the name of religion, wars

So that the elite few have a luxurious world laid out at their feet

As I stand upon the gigantic mountains

I see a world of beauty, of life, of humility, of love

Where no borders, no language, no culture exist

All that…

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