Wow! We make our life by the choices we choose.

We tend to blame people, external factors, our current life when things go wrong or awry. But it is in our hands to make a choice, make a decision to steer our life the way we want to.

We are the sum of all our choices. Isn’t it ironic that we are brave enough to make a choice but somehow somewhere we wobble on facing the consequences? Well yeah, I am talking about the important and big choices that one has to take regarding one’s life.  We forget about what’s best for us.

Also, we fear to make a choice always pondering whether it is right or wrong… Maybe there is no right or no wrong as long as we do it with positive intentions.

Is it the fear of the society, people who judge us, the attitude of our dear ones?

Well, Happiness is a choice, being at peace is a choice, living life on your terms is a choice, making the best of your life is a choice.

You are one choice away from living a totally different life. Make the jump. Live it your way.

We have a choice to live or to exist!

I have learnt that when you are happy you can make and keep your loved ones happy. Period.

What is the important choice you have made in your life? I am all ears!



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