Art is the journey of a free soul #AtoZchallenge

All of us have been artists at heart.

During our childhood, we have painted our hearts out. It was a joy to use the crayons and fill in the drawing or just about color anywhere. 

A , #atoz blogging challenge

We weren’t scared of coloring outside the lines 

We weren’t scared of creating anything that came to our mind

We weren’t scared of using just about any color for painting a mountain

We weren’t scared of what people thought of our masterpiece

It was sublime to be an artist in the moment

It was liberating to unleash the creativity

It was bliss to imagine a world so beautiful

It was appealing to be at your utmost self!

Where are we now? Conformed to beliefs, faith, norms, rules, prejudices…. 

The colors meet but inside the lines,

colors conforming to rules,

creating something anew relies on materialism, endless pursuits

A task, a work nothing more!

Isn’t life an Art? Aren’t we afraid to live life as an Art ?

Let go… Enjoy the freedom of creating a fabulous new…. Grow your soul… Know yourself…



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