And there the Joy of Shaving my Head!

Aha before you conclude…..

Must say, I was totally sane while getting it done and more so did it out of pure joy!

Well, society does attach a few associations like beauty, success, femininity with the kind of hair a woman has and there are certainly negative associations too when a woman shaves her head; a disease, a traumatic experience, a mental breakdown.

But from my own personal experience, hair has nothing to do with who you are and I didn’t go through any traumatic disease or experience; in fact a shaven head gives you an opportunity to delve deep inside and meet the person that you truly are.

Let me take you through as to why I decided to shave my head.

10 reasons and perks of shaving my head:

  1. I wanted to experiment and see what it is to forgo my identity (since hair is the most integral part of one’s identity)
  2. I wanted to see if I had the guts to let go of this attachment
  3. Being on a spiritual path was turning out to be totally exhilarating and I wanted to mark this by shaving my head and trust me it was so so liberating
  4. As I had missed to observe my hair growth while growing up, I wanted to see myself through all the stages; having a shaved head, having a buzzed head, having short hair, spiky hair and so forth 😉
  5. I wanted to completely detach myself from the looks of who I was. This has certainly made me a new person with new perspectives
  6. I wanted to feel vulnerable, go within myself and seek what truly matters because the external seemed mundane and unfulfilling
  7. Shaving my head felt like lifting a huge burden off me from all the conditioning accumulated over the years and it felt as though I was a completely new me starting anew
  8. I have saved considerable amount of time, energy and money in maintaining my hair since I shaved. Well that’s one hell of a perk
  9. The fact that I could feel and enjoy the short spiky, velvety hair was uber cool and to feel the wind, sun on my head is quite something when you have short hair (you ought to try it out if you really want to know what I am talking about ladies)
  10. Lastly, the process of getting it done was overwhelming yet rewarding and I love the way it turned out.

It has been close to 9 months since I got my head shaved and I have had some mixed responses but it doesn’t seem to bother me because I truly feel beautiful and empowered within!

Hair certainly doesn’t define me!

Well, have you ever wanted to shave your head? Or how was your experience of shaving your head?

Would love to hear your story and if you are thinking of having a shaved head, go ahead!

Me through the months, shaved head, ShwethaKrish, ShoePenLens
Me through the months

3 thoughts on “And there the Joy of Shaving my Head!

  1. Niravi

    Dear Shwe…

    I was quite shocked when I saw ur pics of shaven head till boy cut hair growth….I was pretty sure….your blog would make me think more deeply on the lines on what I am currently thinking…..

    My hair is something I have always loved to that extent which I cant explain…….my mom never let me grow my hair as my hair was thick and it would be difficult for me and my mom to maintain it……by the time I hit my graduation I was able to grow my hair and maintain it very well….whole college was in love with my hair texture and burgundy colur which I used to maintain it….

    Days passed….in the race of life. .. couldn’t love my hair so much….but still they are in pretty good condition for my age is what I belive…..

    Recently I started getting thoughts of shaving my head and the pretty much reasons what you quoted holds true for me .point 1 ..2 and easy maintenance…..As I explained earlier from a person who loved her hair so much to losing that attachment is a great journey I feel…….I am trying out such experiments of losing attachments in my life…..

    Wish to move forward in this journey with minimal attachments…..


  2. Anitha

    Hi Shwetha,

    I know it takes a lot of guts and self confidence to get your head shaved. But it makes you strong from within and feel happy that you did it and faced the fear.
    I have got it done too, a year ago.. Received a lot of mixed responses, but you know what, the first day I faced it and its over there.
    I have given back to people who tried to make fun of me and my decision.
    I told them all clearly through my attitude, its my decision which should not bother you.
    And as far as my looks goes, its my husband who should be worried and not the others.
    And my husband is a gem, he made me feel strong and he was the one who kicked off from me all the hesitations and fears I had within after making the decision and before getting it done.

    He is in love with my new looks.. I would love if you can share some tips on how to better take care of my new hairs, shiny, stylish, strong and thick 🙂 🙂

    I would love to share my pic with short hairs.

    All the best to you…

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