Anastasia is a series of books written by Vladmir Megre translated to English by John Woodsworth….

The first book turned out to be overwhelming. It is a story of an entrepreneur who time and again encounters a lady (a recluse) whom he is unaware of initially, who happens to live in the Siberian taiga (forests). They engage in a conversation and much more only for Anastasia to un-cloud the ignorance of the so called modern man and his technocratic world. It touches on the very aspect of civilizations, connections between man and nature and the purpose of man’s life on this Earth.

It talks about LOVE in the purest form, nature’s connections, bringing life and nurturing it the right way and of course being content.

It is a balm to the ones who have been aching to seek answers to the meaning of life. I for one was intrigued at the depth of the narration and ideologies put across in the book. I had been pondering on these points time and again and this book had me floored and enlightened if I can say!

Well I have read just the first book in the Anastasia series and I am very impatient to jump on to the next. Again, as described earlier in this post, I have mentioned it is a story; real or unreal- It is left for you to decide.

PS: This book may not be in sync with the realists, practical minded folks. Well you may try reading it but I would suggest you read on when the time is right, if you know what I mean. For all those who are seeking for answers to the so called world, man’s purpose, of why this routine random life and people who believe in this miracle called LIFE then this is a must read! I am not sure if it will give you the answers but read nevertheless….




It is a challenge to move from a Book to a Kindle.

I love the touch of the paper between my fingers, the smell of the book be it from the library or a new one from the store or from a bookshelf at home; they have their own story, the pleasure to turn a page physically and the usage of colourful bookmarks to mark your pit-stop, to keep some nice memorable things in between the pages…… aaahhhhh I want read a book right away!

Now the kindle; portable with thousands of books at your finger-tips, the ease of carrying it anywhere, reading under the sun or moon at any place, downloading a book then and there, reading in your favourite font and size, carrying along thousands of stories in just about 200g and 6″ gear, makes it the perfect one.

Yet a book is a book…….. it has its own beauty, magic galore and will always be the enigmatic choice. How many of you agree?