Illusion #AtoZChallenge

I #atozchallenge blogging

Is reality an illusion?

I have been pondering on this for quite a while now!

Maybe what we think life to be, is just a dream

Maybe what we know of life, is not the truth

Maybe what we do in life, is not what we were meant to do

Maybe what we feel about life, isn’t about milestones/phases

Life as such is a miracle, a celebration

Life is an energy

We are all ringing to a bigger subtler dimension

To know that truth, feel it – is the purpose?!

What do you think?

Fathom #AtoZChallenge


F #atozchallenge blogging

I cannot quite fathom the happenings of the world

I cannot fathom the miracles of the universe

I cannot fathom the future of this materialistic world

I cannot entirely fathom the creation

I cannot fathom the start of this madness

I cannot fathom the joy of being alive

I fathom that I am a witness

I fathom that I am on the brink of two worlds

I fathom that this is an adventure

I fathom that I don’t need to fathom everything!

Experience #AtoZChallenge

E #AtoZChallenge Blogging

Our life is a sum of experiences…. Good, Bad, Adventure, Exciting, Happy, Sad, Amazing, Interesting, Enlightening… the list goes on…

I am not talking about the experience one has in a knowledge or skill but simply experience as a way of feeling..

I would like to share one of the many experiences of my life…

It was very cold a day, the weight of my backpack was sagging me. The climb up the mountain was exhausting. The rugged stones and boulders paved a path uphill. As I gasped for breath, my legs felt like lead. I didn’t want to sit, I had to keep going. There at the very end of the path, I had now reached the mountain slope.

Dzongri Top, Goechala Trek, Sikkim
Dzongri Top, Goechala Trek, Sikkim

There they were, snow-clad mountain ranges, standing majestic in all its glory. At an altitude of 12000 feet above sea level, I was surrounded by the Himalayas. My heart missed a beat, my eyes of my soul could see something beautiful beyond these mountains. It was something profound, I quite can’t put into words. That’s when I felt that, ‘ There is more to life, there are many things which I am unaware of or have no knowledge of.’ It was the day I was reborn!

Sunrise at Dzongri Top, Mt Kanchenjunga with other ranges, Himalayas
Sunrise at Dzongri Top, Mt. Kanchenjunga with other ranges, Himalayas

Dalhousie #AtoZChallenge

Dalhousie – A poet’s paradise

D #atozchallenge blogging

Well it is the D-day. And all I can think of for today’s challenge is Dalhousie.

I can’t forget this beautiful hill station nestled in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, India.

By the Dalhousie Woods on a rainy evening
By the Dalhousie woods on a rainy evening

I spent my Birthday week last year at this place. The monsoons in July made it all the more beautiful. Lush landscapes, rolling hills, hot food and the misty woods made it all the more lovely.

Lush landscape, woods at Dalhousie
Lush landscape, woods at Dalhousie

It is located in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges of the Himalayas at an altitude of 6000 to 9000 feet above sea-level. The ride through Dalhousie kept me on my toes as I wished that I would make a home in the woods…. Well the dream stays…

Misty Roads, Dalhousie
Misty Roads, Dalhousie

Cubbon Park #AtoZChallenge

C #atozblogging challenge

Cubbon Park is one prominent landmark in Bangalore city. Covering an area of 300 acres, it houses many public buildings and large variety of flora. It has beautiful trees, walking paths, children play area and beautiful gardens and recreational spaces.

Walking paths in Cubbon Park3
Walking paths in Cubbon Park

A fine Sunday afternoon got me capturing a few glimpses of the park…. I was mesmerized by the play of light on the gigantic trees.

This place is a haven for Photographers, Pet Lovers, Acrobats on SlackLining, Musicians, Joggers, Yoga Enthusiasts and just about anyone who loves nature.

‘Be’ You! #AtoZChallenge

B , AtoZchallenge blogging

Be You!

Well it is Day 2 of #AtoZ Blogging Challenge. Letter ‘B’, I would like to go with the profound Being/ Be you/ Be yourself.

We tend to forget all about being ourselves in this world. Maybe by getting lost in mundane things, on a never ending race of materialistic pursuits, thinking about unnecessary irrelevant stuffs, echoing negativity in our thoughts and action.

Well life would be simple if you let yourself Being You!

Be weird 

Be happy 

Be peaceful

Be authentic

Be crazy

Be in love

Be kind

Be humble

Be positive

Be gracious

Be fearless

Be Amazing

Be Awesome

Be Content

Be Bold

Be Strong

Be YOU! 

Firstly, be all the above things to yourself before you can pass it onto others!

When you run out of all the things just BE!


Art is the journey of a free soul #AtoZchallenge

All of us have been artists at heart.

During our childhood, we have painted our hearts out. It was a joy to use the crayons and fill in the drawing or just about color anywhere. 

A , #atoz blogging challenge

We weren’t scared of coloring outside the lines 

We weren’t scared of creating anything that came to our mind

We weren’t scared of using just about any color for painting a mountain

We weren’t scared of what people thought of our masterpiece

It was sublime to be an artist in the moment

It was liberating to unleash the creativity

It was bliss to imagine a world so beautiful

It was appealing to be at your utmost self!

Where are we now? Conformed to beliefs, faith, norms, rules, prejudices…. 

The colors meet but inside the lines,

colors conforming to rules,

creating something anew relies on materialism, endless pursuits

A task, a work nothing more!

Isn’t life an Art? Aren’t we afraid to live life as an Art ?

Let go… Enjoy the freedom of creating a fabulous new…. Grow your soul… Know yourself…


Life : A Dancing Poetry

Sun, Rain and Twilight at Auroville, Pondicherry
Sun, Rain and Twilight at Auroville, Pondicherry


Hither and thither drives the life

Beckoning to fly like the bird once in a sunshine

Of all the days which are taxing and dull

Heart dances like the peacock in the rain

Then there is the inevitable silence of the yonder

Like the twilight of your soul dancing at the right beats!


New Year New You New Journey!

It is another wonderful day but a brand New Year!
Love yourself, embark upon new journeys, travel to the far flung places, believe in your dreams, love your near and dear ones, work towards a healthy well-being and embrace each day each moment. Try something new, weird and crazy this year! Make sure your intentions go with it! 😉
Well enjoy and have a fabulous 2017. Happy New Year! 😀
Cheers to Love, Happiness, Peace!
“There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun!”
So bring on the new you, better you and of course KNOW THYSELF!
Sunrise by the Sea, Auroville, Pondicherry
Sunrise by the Sea, Auroville, Pondicherry