Creating yourself!


Creating yourself! A pencil sketch by me.

The irony of life- we are so engrossed in making a secure, safe and abiding by the so-called routine life that we fail to know, understand and moreover create ourselves.

I say this because we are a miracle, we are a wonder! And we are missing out on exploring our precious selves.

Maybe the beauty of it, is not in waiting; for a happy retirement life, for a future some day that you will travel, for a time in life that you feel- will be a joyous one, for a weekend, for the day that you will find peace, for the future days that you will be immensely happy which would be a testimony for your hard work now.

What if the beauty of life is in the NOW? The time that you spend with yourself or your family or your loved ones. The time in the now that you travel, have a doughnut, have the best tea or coffee at the cafe around the corner, get a tattoo…..

You can be whatever you wish for with all the positive intentions!

And the best part of life is maybe to find out about yourself and NOW is the time to do that. Whether you like to read a book or dance, you like to draw or play a guitar or do both, you like to go on a horse ride or a safari,to know about your worst fear, your passion, your values…..well well isn’t it time to find out all about YOU.

Well you may think -‘I know about it, what now?’  Have you felt immense satisfaction and happiness in doing the things that you love? Say for example painting, have you painted your heart out? Have you felt so engrossed in it that you felt one with the world, the universe and felt as if that you were in a state of bliss with no ounce of reality but sheer happiness? Probably those are the things which bring us to who we truly are….

Maybe with the joy of unbecoming everything that is not us, we are creating ourselves.

Shedding all the layers, breaking all the unwanted shards, chipping all the undesirable emotions, relations………

And trust me the day you start learning, understanding, knowing yourself is the day you feel utmost happiness and peace. You learn to forgo the masks and take on yourself as you are with all the love for the world!

Whoa I think I am too philosophical or spiritual….. but trust me the joy of creating you or being you is an enriching journey!

It is never too late to start knowing you, creating you. Feel liberated, it is your life, live the way-create the way that you want to live your life….


My Dream List

I have always made lists especially during my school days. Making a list was also on a list 😉 It was and is always a relief to jot down all the important things running on your mind. And we women have a lot of things running so more things more lists!

Well today I want to make a dream list… So here goes

  1. To be in a place where silence subdues the noise
  2. To have control of your life yet feel liberated
  3. To be not disturbed by the external entities
  4. To be always on a path kindled by the soul
  5. To fathom the beauty of life
  6. To feel time and again the touch of nature
  7. To be in a state of peace no matter what
  8. To live beyond the illusion
  9. To reveal the mystery behind being a seeker or the one being sought
  10. To cherish this miracle of life in all its truest sense


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If Money was taken care of forever, for you and your family….. what would you do with your life?

I was inspired to write this post after reading an article from Bruce Kasanoff on similar lines.

Say, money will be taken care of for the rest of your life, for you and your family……



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I am not interrogating you but think for yourself-“What would be the one thing or many things that you would do?”

Maybe you will find the answer to what you have been seeking or find out what your passion is or find out the things that bring you happiness and peace or you will be absolutely satisfied with the things that you are already doing now; That is just super awesome.

It may be a the first step to make some changes to your life and add in the things or passions that bring in happiness and peace.

Question yourself now!

I would be happy to hear the things or the list of things that you want to do but if you want to keep it to yourself and work on it …. so be it!

What would you do with or in your life if Money was taken care of forever for you and your family?




A Stranger’s Concern

I had been wanting to write about this incident since a long time…. Well here it is finally!

It so happened that a stranger asked my mom- “How is your daughter? Is everything all right? I have not seen her since a couple of months.”

My mom was bewildered and said, “Well, she is fine! Why do you ask?”

I used to see her everyday on her way to work probably. But I have not seen her since the past couple of months. So, I wanted to check if she was alright.

My mom narrated this incident to me. I had no clue about this stranger. But , mom had happened to see this man during the morning walks near our place.

But after a few months, when mom and me were shopping for fruits, this man pops up.

He was probably in his seventies, bald, stout yet healthy. He looked stern but he had a very friendly smile.

“Here you are! I was asking your mother as to how you were doing?”

I was lost and was scratching my head to figure out if this was some relative of mine whom I don’t remember!

My mother looks at me and says, “This is the person who was asking about you.”

“Ohh. Hello Uncle!” I mutter.

“How are you?”

“I am fine. All good. ” I say.

“I used to see you on your way to work in the early morning. Don’t you remember me? I live at the house right opposite the road, a couple of roads away from your place.”

“Hmm!” I shake my head indicating that I don’t have a clue.

We just smiled at each other. I didn’t know what to say to him. But I was touched.

Isn’t it such a lovely feeling, when you are a part of a stranger’s life unknowingly?  To top it all, they care for you when they need not have to!

How amazing! How beautiful! Wow, isn’t this is the purest form of humanity?





Unbecoming everything that is not you..

Have you ever wondered, what is the purpose of life?

Have you ever pondered on the meaning of life?

Have you ever tried to find out your calling in life?

Have you made an attempt to realize your SELF?

Well a lot of questions….. But are we trying to figure out the answers to the above?


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Somewhere we humans have lost the meaning of life. It certainly ain’t about amassing wealth, bent on materialistic cravings, man-made rat-races, ridiculous overrated cycle of birth-education-marriage-death! Well the cycle maybe a part of life but not LIFE altogether. Certainly not!

I am not saying that we all should become saints, all I want to say is that one has to figure out one’ calling or one’s self in life. It could all be about being a leader, a CEO, an artist, a mechanic, a farmer, a musician or probably a greater calling to serve mankind, to be of some service to the citizens of this world. Whatever be your calling, you are bound to find your way into your SELF. That journey is the most amazing, interesting and a peaceful one filled with wonder and happiness.

Find out what fires your senses and at the same time brings in an inner peace. Find out that one / variety of things that you want to do till your last breath. Find what is irrelevant and unnecessary in your life. Find out what brings in utter joy- it could be the simplest of things.

Try to un-become everything that is not you. Try to discard all the things that are not you. I sure think that your heart and soul knows the way and is whispering in your deep corners to brave on and be a part of the eternal journey into you. Maybe it is all about unbecoming you, shedding all the layers, masks, things that are not you.

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Probably we would figure out more things when we know ourselves better. Probably we will learn more about life, our souls, our purpose, the universe……

At this point in my life, this is what I have understood. But I am not sure. Maybe there could be other revelations further on in the journey. Let’s see….

Do your ring in on similar findings? Have you figured your calling in life? Do you think life is something else altogether?

Would be happy to hear from you all and know more about life in a different perspective?

Babble of a Battered Soul

I want to stand in the midst of the world

As a citizen of this profound entity

Sans fear Sans religion Sans nation

Sans dependence Sans caste Sans culture

Sans borders Sans militarism Sans power

With Humanity as the lone religion.

I cry, for the world is no more a boon to human race

But a bane with exploitations riding high

Bedraggled with insouciant people of Earth

Enraptured by power, riches & materialism

Where love, respect, honour, humility

Are to be lost in the ideologies

Power, Politics, Egotistical manoeuvres

Steer the course of a mechanical life

For the pawns are removed in the name of religion, wars

So that the elite few have a luxurious world laid out at their feet

As I stand upon the gigantic mountains

I see a world of beauty, of life, of humility, of love

Where no borders, no language, no culture exist

All that exists is one single breath of LIFE

Ushering a Peaceful LIFE!








The World We Need!


I was honoured to be a part of a seminar “The World We Need”, thanks to Mr. E.P. Menon.

It was addressed by Dr. Glen T. Martin, the President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association(WCPA), founded in 1958. Dr. Martin is a professor, philosopher and a social activist. WCPA is a body which has been working on the ‘Constitution for the Federation of the Earth’ looking into the dynamics of the world as one and working towards a democratic world government without discrimination of nation, race, creed, ideologies, cultures and work as citizens of the world sharing equitable and basic human rights.

The Fourteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament was held in Kolkata in December 27-29 2015 which was hosted by the International Society for Intercultural Study and Research(ISISAR)

Dr. Martin highlighted upon the 17 goals formulated by the UN as part of the Sustainable Development Summit to be achieved by 2030. He also threw light upon the fact that the goals did not include peace of the world(which meant war and militarism to be ended), increasing the quality of life and of course curbed the idea of perpetual growth in a finite world.

The WCPA has come up World Legislative act for integrating UN into the Earth Federation- CAn be viewed on

He later discussed upon the materialistic greed, the global ecosystem and capitalism over the years and how suddenly we have forgotten ‘Humanity’ and are in war with ourselves to gain, power, resources etc.

The nuclear treaties still being signed between nations, a militant killing his own mother, exploiting resources in the name of development, killing people in the name of religion, inequalities across the world, trillions of dollars used for military warfare and not having an ounce of thought that this money could be used for educating millions of people, ending poverty across the world- I think we have seen the worst.

He also mentioned about the Structure of the World Parliament and where the experts in various fields would be at the fore and protect the natural environment against war, ecological disruption, inequalities etc.


It is a start to the future of the Earth that we humans would share. It is a tough challenge to break against the Corruption and numerous ideologies of the people around the world but we all did agree upon the fact that this would be the forerunner once people are aware that a change can be brought about by the citizens of the world. Working towards a fair and equitable world, bringing sustainable development of the environment, increasing the quality of life, reducing poverty and educating the masses, ending wars and militarism and each and every citizen being responsible for the EARTH they live in is the way forward.

The new religion should be ‘Humanity’!

You can find details and information about the World Parliament on:


Is it going to be the way forward? Are we going to make the change? Are we world citizens and ready to save our Earth?