Future: Poetry

A future so hopeful yet distant;

A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a year

Man clinging on with a faith so dear,

Pondering on the worries this instant

A better life that he dreams often

Lost in the thoughts of the morrow

Never a joy in the moments he borrows

Of others who may hit the coffin

The mind stands unperturbed and lonely

With the hope of the future content

And a world so definite

A life in the now and only

As Soul beckons for the present

Seldom does the clock strike infinite


Landscape: Poetry


Rumbak Village as seen from Stok La, Ladakh, India

“You take the colours right from the palette, I say!

You speak of a place within, I gather.

Painter happens to be my soul, ain’t it?

You often have a say with the silence.

Such myriad colours you adorn yourself with

And glare at me for treading upon you

I gasp for breath out of exhaustion and astonishment

You sure have ensnared me in your arms”



Pleasure: Poetry: Autumn

A leaf gracefully lets go of a life so old, autumn is here

Everything ushers a sense of beauty, autumn is here

Jackets, boots, scarves on the go, autumn is here

Pumpkin juice, Pumpkin Coffee, latte;slurp, autumn is here

As I walk through the woods, my heart sings a song

Of colour, bliss, grace, everything divine!

Wind beckons the end of a season, autumn is here

Sun dwindles between cloudy , cold days, autumn is here

A contentment in letting go of anything old, autumn is here

A pleasure in the journey of old and new, autumn is here!

As I walk through the woods, my heart sings a song

Of colour, bliss, grace, everything divine!



Flavor: Poetry

I chose Flavor as Sunshine and linked two poems. They sure talk about Sunshine in all eternity and they make utter sense 🙂

A Moment’s Indulgence by Rabindranath Tagore: http://rabindranathtagoreib.weebly.com/a-moments-indulgence.html

Sitting by a Bush in Broad Sunlight by Robert Frost: http://rabindranathtagoreib.weebly.com/a-moments-indulgence.html


I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side. The works
that I have in hand I will finish afterwards.

When I spread out my hand here today, I catch no more than a ray.To feel of between thumb and fingers;No lasting effect of it lingers.

Away from the sight of thy face my heart knows no rest nor respite,
and my work becomes an endless toil in a shoreless sea of toil.

There was one time and only the one. When dust really took in the sun; And from that one intake of fire. All creatures still warmly suspire.

Today the summer has come at my window with its sighs and murmurs; and
the bees are plying their minstrelsy at the court of the flowering grove.

And if men have watched a long time. And never seen sun-smitten slime. Again come to life and crawl off, We not be too ready to scoff.

Now it is time to sit quite, face to face with thee, and to sing
dedication of life in this silent and overflowing leisure.


Screen: Poetry

A Television screen; Big, Flat, Tiny, Curved

To soak your boredom

A Laptop screen; Touch/not, Revolving/Not, Detachable/Not

To be an attached companion on the go

A Phone screen; Again Big, Flat, Tiny

To get away from the crowd

A Theatre screen

To get lost in another’s happy, sad, funny, strange story

A Mirror, wait a minute it ain’t a screen!

Sigh, we have forgotten to read ourselves….

The Reflection!

Journey: Poetry

Passion burns like a raging fire

Adrenaline rushes like the mighty rivers

Mind is anxious before the start

Soul dances like the butterfly

There isn’t a moment which passes

Without thinking about the Journey

For it is a new beginning, a new start

Much like a brand new life!


Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

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Face: Poetry

As the clouds cast their wispy will

A serene face phases the real and surreal

As humility hums like the bumble bee

One wonders the magnanimity of the marvel

The face faces the serene soul

To evoke an energy so purely powerful

The music mystically enthrals the seeker

And the blissful revelation is revealed!


Maitreya Buddha, Diskit, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India


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