Life a Circle / Spiral?!


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It has been a while since I blogged. Well, a lot many events, travels and work have kept me away.

Well here I am today pouring my heart out!

Lately, I am feeling that I am back to the same point where I started ? That is a question on my mind and I can’t find the answer.

I know I have grown a lot, changed mentally, spiritually, even physically and understanding life in a completely new perspective or must I say experiencing life in a different way.

But somewhere deep down I feel I have come back to the starting point, it feels like I am starting everything anew and now. It does feel great!

From a spiritual perspective, we tend to grow and move ahead spirally transcending into the dimension unknown! Well, this is something entirely intriguing and gives room for more exploration.

Well, maybe I am moving ahead; my understanding of life has changed, the way I lead my life has changed, relationships/friendships (some have nurtured, some I have let go, some I am beginning to understand the shallowness/depth), the dilemma between reality and illusion or in another words thinking illusion as reality still boggles me about living my life. Well all of these sound very complex but trust me the way I look at things are somewhat clearer.

Well, you must be thinking what gibberish is this all! But I can only hope that you reach a point in your life when all of this makes sense.

Well, I don’t think I have answered the question I started the blog with. Because I am still unsure but all I know is I am better equipped to take on another circle of life.

What has your journey been like? Have you ever felt this way before?




Orange – Sunrise #AtoZChallenge

O #AtoZchallenge

A bow to the play of colors!

Every moment in the lap of nature is exuberant!

As I got up and looked outside the window on a fine morning, this is what caught my eye.

This moment was beyond words. I just gaped at this colorful sky.

I haven’t looked at this play of colors in the morning sky. This was a summer morning in Columbus, Ohio.

A blue canvas

A multitude of orange spells

Ushering an artist’s ascent!

Mesmerizing Sunrise in Ohio,USA
Mesmerizing Sunrise in Ohio,USA

Experience #AtoZChallenge

E #AtoZChallenge Blogging

Our life is a sum of experiences…. Good, Bad, Adventure, Exciting, Happy, Sad, Amazing, Interesting, Enlightening… the list goes on…

I am not talking about the experience one has in a knowledge or skill but simply experience as a way of feeling..

I would like to share one of the many experiences of my life…

It was very cold a day, the weight of my backpack was sagging me. The climb up the mountain was exhausting. The rugged stones and boulders paved a path uphill. As I gasped for breath, my legs felt like lead. I didn’t want to sit, I had to keep going. There at the very end of the path, I had now reached the mountain slope.

Dzongri Top, Goechala Trek, Sikkim
Dzongri Top, Goechala Trek, Sikkim

There they were, snow-clad mountain ranges, standing majestic in all its glory. At an altitude of 12000 feet above sea level, I was surrounded by the Himalayas. My heart missed a beat, my eyes of my soul could see something beautiful beyond these mountains. It was something profound, I quite can’t put into words. That’s when I felt that, ‘ There is more to life, there are many things which I am unaware of or have no knowledge of.’ It was the day I was reborn!

Sunrise at Dzongri Top, Mt Kanchenjunga with other ranges, Himalayas
Sunrise at Dzongri Top, Mt. Kanchenjunga with other ranges, Himalayas

Summer and Mangoes!

Summer and Mangoes

The twin mango trees in my grandmother’ yard..
Have made me a bard
As the sun spewed rays, sweaty beads adorned us in no time
Mangoes were gathered, picked, cut and pickles savored our tongue in no time…
Ripe ones made it to the belly
To avoid a battle of mango jelly
Well memories shared around and with the tree remains…
So does the trees and their magic

twin mango trees ,summer and mangoes
The twin Mango trees

An Art Escapade: NGMA Bangalore

Manikyavelu Mansion- An Art in itself

A white colonial style building caught my eye as I entered the vicinity of National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore. Nestled in a quiet corner in the city on the Palace Road, this place evokes Art!


As I walked across the pathway, it was a sight to see huge old trees decorating the Manikyavelu Mansion which houses the gallery and lush green lawns exuding an air of warmth and elegance. The lawns are decorated with Abstract Art Stone structures which is a food for thought for any passers-by!

A short trip to the Cafe and a peek at the books and paintings in the Reception, I was all set to enter the Gallery.

The Thought Provoking Exhibits

Though Venkatappa Art Gallery houses the works of the Artist Venkatappa, The NGMA Gallery houses artwork of his teacher Abanindranath Tagore. Along with the works of other Tagore stalwarts Gagenadranath and Rabindranath. The Gallery has fabulous paintings from various artists across the country and works from the 18th Century to the present. It is a great sight to see Award-winning Paintings and Artworks, only to rack one’s brains of the thought and idea behind the piece. One can simple gaze for hours at the mesmerizing works of Raja Ravi Varma, M.F. Hussain, Amrita Shergil and other renowned artists. As you walk through the two-storeyed mansion which includes the old and modern Art pieces, the place speaks to the Artist in you.

The huge quaint rooms, the airy decorated halls, wood laden floors, windows that open to a view of the garden, the passages that evoke creativity, well it is truly an Art in itself!


There are various events and exhibitions happening at this place throughout the year.

The current gallery houses the paintings and work of A.A. Almelkar : Inspiration and Impact

So if you are a Art lover/ Aficionado drop in at NGMA, Bangalore and have an Artsome time.

The place is on Manikyavelu Mansion, Palace Road, Bangalore.

Check out for the timings, events and exhibitions at their website: NGMA Bangalore


You got this. Keep going!

Sometimes the strength within you is not a big fiery flame for all to see . It is a small spark whispering.. ‘You got this. Keep going’

There is my Liberto enjoying his moment in the sunshine and looking ahead at miracles…

You got this. Keep going! LIBERTO!
You got this. Keep going! LIBERTO!

Nature speak..

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”- Albert Einstein

Looks like the sun is talking in tandem to the tree and me..


Play of light and shadow!

Broken we are but when the light shines within we stand beautiful and strong in all entirety!

Play of light and shadow! Product: Vase
Play of light and shadow! Product: Vase

A walk through Airforce One

A walk thtough AirForce One
A walk thtough AirForce One 🙂

Enjoy and Live in the moment

It is a sunrise but each and every moment makes it all the more beautiful
The cycle of life is one such…
Enjoy and live in the moment !

Sunrise, Beautiful in each moment!
Sunrise, Beautiful in each moment!