Hmm what am I scared of?

I think its confinement!

It has always been hard to shake off

Wonder why it is my predicament!

Being bound by ideologies

Which have a traditional say.

For I have my own philosophy

Much to everyone’s dismay.

It could be sheer darkness

By a road or in a cave.

I wish to have the guiding light

If not I feel closer to the grave.

Having the freedom to dream

And to take on the world.

Sans confinement, Sans the darkness supreme

Can I travel the transworld!


Life- A Charisma

A Life that i knew not
Made me a zealot
For every surprise that came about
Made me take life as a maggot

A Life that i imagined
Turned sore to my visions
To God i pleaded
For making life a celebration

A Life that i tread
Seemed a roller-coaster ride
Against my view of a mead
Where i decided to abide

A Life that i live
Is an abode of knowledge
From my soul I tread
That is what i pledge