Throwback Thursday: By far the best Odyssey…..

Throwback Thursday: My soulful journey through Ladakh



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Ladakh……had always been on my mind ever since I had read about it on the internet, social media and heard from a few  friends about the grandeur of the mountains out there. So, it was on my bucket list….

Catching up with my friend at my place and talking about life, life n life…….. paved way for the brilliant idea….”Let’s do something crazy. Let’s travel to Ladakh!Let’s do it!”

After researching over the weekend on the how to’s and when to’s…. we hit upon a  travel agency and they said it’s possible in September and they could arrange with transportation and accommodation for the places that we wanted to visit.

Well, we were excited and finalized in on September….

Meanwhile, I did check with my traveller friend and he suggested that we do the trip ourselves and that he would help us with the plan…..

“Why not! That’s…

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Khardung La

It was a couple of days since a group of us six girls had landed in Leh, J&K, India. We were getting acclimatized to the freezing nights and harsh sunny weather in the morning. But we were the happiest lot because we were surrounded by mountains all over.

Our road trip across Ladakh started soon after, we were refreshed and invigorated. We were all set for an awesome adventure. We started from Leh at about 9:00 AM and reached Khardung La, one of the mountain passes in Ladakh. It is claimed to be the Highest Motor-able Road in the World at an altitude of about 18380 ft.

Just as we got out of the car, we were welcomed with a chill weather but the wind was still. It was slightly sunny but we wrapped our jackets close enough to our body. There was a billboard which read “Highest Motor-able Road in the World,” it was surrounded by Prayer flags all over. The feeling was immense, we were awed by the beauty of the Pass. The surrounding mountains were snow clad and stood like soldiers guarding the mountain pass. The passing crowd clicked pictures at the pass and were into their cars in no time and got going.

We were awe-struck by the fact that we made it to the “highest motor-able road in the world.” We rejoiced our achievement and clicked a few pictures of us at the pass. We were happy to meet a few Army men at the post and we called onto the shutter bug to help us frame the moment!

We then rushed to our car as were not supposed to expose ourselves to the cold for more than 15 mins and bid goodbye to the pass.

It has been a few months now but the journey still seems surreal.