What life was and what life is….

When all that you thought about life, turns out to be a mere illusion

When all that you idolized turns out to be a mere sham

When all that you strictly adhered to, turns out to be mere supposition

When all that you put up on a pedestal, turns out to be a mere perception

When all that materialistic possessions you gathered, turns out to be Ego driven

When all the love you gave and received,  turns out to be a mere commodity

When all the security you gather through job, relationships, turns out to be fear driven

That is when you question your existence, your purpose, your path

That is when you realize that there is more to life

That is when you look inward

That is when you feel one with the universe

That is when you know love is divine

That is when you resonate with the other beings

That is when you JUST BE!




The Mystic Diary by Sahan Sarvee

What are Tarot Cards? Tarot cards are a visual tool of divination that tell you about your conscious and unconscious motivations, influences and feelings through the imagery. Different symbols ARE different information here. The Tarot cards are based upon ancient occult knowledge of universal principles affecting symbols and energy. Is it Magic? No, although I […]

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