Illusion #AtoZChallenge

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Is reality an illusion?

I have been pondering on this for quite a while now!

Maybe what we think life to be, is just a dream

Maybe what we know of life, is not the truth

Maybe what we do in life, is not what we were meant to do

Maybe what we feel about life, isn’t about milestones/phases

Life as such is a miracle, a celebration

Life is an energy

We are all ringing to a bigger subtler dimension

To know that truth, feel it – is the purpose?!

What do you think?

My Dream List

I have always made lists especially during my school days. Making a list was also on a list 😉 It was and is always a relief to jot down all the important things running on your mind. And we women have a lot of things running so more things more lists!

Well today I want to make a dream list… So here goes

  1. To be in a place where silence subdues the noise
  2. To have control of your life yet feel liberated
  3. To be not disturbed by the external entities
  4. To be always on a path kindled by the soul
  5. To fathom the beauty of life
  6. To feel time and again the touch of nature
  7. To be in a state of peace no matter what
  8. To live beyond the illusion
  9. To reveal the mystery behind being a seeker or the one being sought
  10. To cherish this miracle of life in all its truest sense


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Why do I write?

Whoa… that’s one amazing question.

Over the years my writing has certainly been a culmination of my being!

A few thoughts on this…. I write because..

  1. There are a lot of things going on in my mind and when I write I see things clearly
  2. There are amazing notions in my head… it comes to reality when I write.Ahem! 😉
  3. It is a way of expressing my deepest fears and challenges
  4. It gives me an immense satisfaction at creating a few lines, hopefully sensible 😉
  5. Blogging, Poetry has helped me grow as a better person
  6. It helps me release unwanted stress
  7. I get to communicate with wonderful people, fellow writers, readers on a beautiful level
  8. I am amazed by the fellow writers across the world who share the same ideas as mine
  9. To be a voice not just for me but for others too
  10. For readers to laugh, cry, yelp, be aghast, surprised through my words for a moment
  11. To inspire others in whatever way I can
  12. To be in an amazing enchanting world of creation
  13. To be in a world
  14. I want to live through words
  15. It kicks me, guides me, helps me, challenges my being, arrests my attention and brings me closer to the miracle called LIFE
  16. I am a story!



The Space to write




Well I usually like to write at any place when I am at peace. My ideal setting would be by the trees or a river or by the mountains or the beach.

The above pictures are the views from my room presently. I happily sit by the window and write looking at the sky and trees which help invoking the space within to get the thoughts running.



Endless multiple journeys

I have always been a voracious reader and if I had to be alone at home or wait for someone or something , all I would want is a book; I wouldn’t bother as to why I am here all alone or even remember if I had some work to do.

I have adored books since I was a kid, be it the texture of the paper, the words which dance playfully along with you, the smell of paper, ink which puts you in a different place altogether and the feeling that you are in a world-living multiple lives, living a dream, being a part of so many vivid stories and yet not moving an inch from your place. Hail Imagination!

The power of the word is truly enthralling….. It makes one jump with excitement or quiver with fear or stride along like a gallant warrior or wince at the appalling situation or cry when everything seems lost or love like there is no end to the moment or travel with an eye for adventure to the remote corners of the world or live a free-spirited life much to the annoyance of the society!

It always feel like I have been on many journeys across eras and learned from all of them the beauty of life.

I somehow feel we are what we read and imbibe and that gets played out in our characters with all the right intentions!

I am sure one is never tired of such endless journeys!


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