Day 18- Hone Your Point of View


Short Story

I had just had my breakfast and was waiting for my friend Jim, when I heard a car screech and it halted right in front of Mrs. Pauley’s house.

As I went outside, I could see 2 policemen at the gates. There was Mr. Frank, a tall, lean man in his late 50s talking to the policemen in a hushed manner. He always appeared to be callous and slightly held himself with an air of pretension. He was one of our neighbors.

The policemen went inside and came back a few minutes later.

One of the policemen with a  taut uniform said, “It’s sad for the woman, wonder where her kids are!”

Other says, “Hmm, I wonder where she will be going, I have called a couple of old age homes”

I am left speechless, as I don’t fathom as to what is happening at her house.

Mrs. Pauley has always been a joyous lady and every evening when we kids play around, she is out there on the porch knitting a sweater. She calls out to us sometimes and offers us cookies saying that she is expecting her children that evening. But as I head back to my house after an hour’s play, I still see her sitting by the porch under the dim light. As I finish my dinner and I look out of the window, I can see Mrs. Pauley going inside with drooping shoulders and the sweater clenched in her hands.

Mr. Frank suddenly stomped out of the house and bellowed, “The woman is not budging from her room. You have to do something officers!”

I know that after Mr. Pauley’s death, Mrs. Pauley hasn’t been herself. She rarely comes out these days.

The policemen run inside and after about 15mins I see them accompanying Mrs. Pauley. There is a ‘Sunshine old age home’ van standing outside the house. A middle-aged woman walks out of the van towards Mrs. Pauley who is now crying loudly and escorts her to the van.

“I don’t want to leave, this has been my home for 40 years.” I hear Mrs. Pauley shouting and sobbing.

I now realize that Mrs. Pauley is being evicted from the house.

I go inside to call my mother. Just as we are near the gates, I see a black car stop at the house. There is a handsome man in his early thirties accompanied by a lady dressed in white and a small girl of about 4yrs who is holding a white teddy bear in her arms. They all move towards Mrs. Pauley.

Mrs. Pauley smiles at the man and hugs him. She says.”Where have you been my son? I have been waiting for you”

The man now talks to the policemen and Mr. Frank.

“Mr. Frank, I would like to buy this house and we will be staying here.” said the man

I could see a smile on Mrs. Pauley’s face.

“Ron, we are late!, Hurry up….. we got to go”, I hear Jim screaming.

I waved at Mrs. Pauley and off I went with Jim with a broad smile on my face.


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